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eLearning powered by AI

We use the latest Artificial Intelligence to create online training

YarketTM is an Artificial Intelligence platform that uses a cutting-edge interactive process to produce eLearning courses.

We do have an app with a growing number of courses for everyone to enjoy, but our primary focus is on developing custom/multilingual eLearning experiences for businesses in many industries around the world.

We aim to pioneer the application of artificial intelligence to traditional eLearning

We make the production and distribution of online training cost-effective, enjoyable and easy to manage by using the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to create highly personalized and powerful online courses in multiple languages.

Although we do not intend to replace the traditional processes of creating online education, we do offer a scalable, cost-effective and time-efficient alternative.

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Some frequently asked questions.

Yes. Yarket has a built-in browser-based LMS that lets you manage courses with learners, make money from them, and get statistics for each learner. Yarket offers a level of engagement that is unrivaled and better learning outcomes without a long list of features.

We offer solutions to display, store, protect and track your PDFs, as well as tools to turn them into lead magnets. Prevent people from downloading your PDFs. Protect your documents with a token that controls how long your students have access to them and whether they can download them.

We make sure your content load lightning-fast. Your files are distributed globally on a secure CDN to ensure that your users always have quick access to your online courses. We use a secure object storage system with virtually infinite capacity, often known as object-based storage. Object storage, unlike other storage architectures such as file systems, handles data as objects.

First and foremost, you are not alone here. An Instructional Designer is assigned to your project to properly set up your courses and take care of everything required to ensure a seamless and perfect eLearning experience.

Yarket allows you to enroll an unlimited number of students at no additional cost, so you can start small and grow, is infinitely scalable, has no commissions or outages, and is fully optimized for eLearning on any device. Not to mention it's a low-cost option to distribute and monetize your online courses worldwide.

No. No one will see it until they enroll in that course. You can also choose who you want to share the course with. Offer the course for free, charge a fee, and even set an expiration date for learners to have access to it. Our first concern is to make sure everything is created and delivered securely.

Yes, our main goal is to create customized/multilingual eLearning experiences for businesses in various industries around the world.

Yarket is an LMS in itself: you can manage learners, sell courses and collect statistics from it, so it is highly recommended to distribute your courses through our Learning Platform to ensure fast support, maximum performance and engagement.

Although we do not officially offer integrations with third-party LMSs, we always deliver the source files (i.e. SCORM) of the courses we produce so that you can host them in any other platform.

We were tired of dealing with eLearning platforms that are difficult to use. Like your learners, we're tired of having to click "Next" to move forward. So we came up with a better idea. A simple but powerful eLearning Management System, fully branded and supported by the people who know the business, Instructional Designers.

We are experts in Instructional Design and User Experience, and we know that most learners want things to be as simple as possible. The goal is to make learning easy, with no learning curve for the delivery platform.

We get rid of all the buttons, features and other things that people rarely or never use and add the best to the platform. Your brand.

That's how we make learning easy for your learners, who by the way are unlimited here, we also remove the cap on learners so you don't have to worry about paying more if enrollments go up.

Don't just take out word for it, experience the platform yourself with this demo.