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Articles, theories and best practices to create online courses and eLearning experiences

AI Presenters

Professional videos in over 60 languages

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring to life realistic, but not real, presenters who can speak multiple languages, each representing a unique ethnicity, age range, and style to bring human interaction to the online learning experience.

Our revolutionary approach

Cost-effective and time-efficient online training development

We make online training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage. We use the newest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to create highly personalized and powerful online courses in multiple languages.

Asynchronous videos

Interactive video to engage with students

To increase engagement, we use interactive / asynchronous video. Learners can provide feedback in the video itself using elements such as conditional logic, video recording, audio, text, etc. Each interaction is recorded, transcribed and organized so that it is fully integrated into the e-learning experience.

Instructional Design roadmap

We speak ADDIE, SAM, Gagne's, KirkPratrick and more

We specialize in applying Instructional Design theories, concepts and principles, writing complex topics with easy words and making the narrative as engaging as possible. We create courses that encourage audience engagement, emphasizing user-centered design for regular interactivity and on-screen action.