Cybersecurity Training Essentials

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Wi-Fi Security
Unless your networks are well protected, you're in danger of being exploited. Learn more on the basics of Wi-Fi and how to secure it properly with this course..
Use of External Drives
Train everyone on the benefits of external drive usage and show them how to keep their external drive secure with this course..
Threat Surveillance 24-7 Monitoring
Train your teams on threat surveillance. Teach them how to identify potential threats and how to best protect systems with this course..
The Risks of Ransomware
This course covers what ransomware is, the risks of not protecting your data, and how you can protect yourself from ransomware attacks..
The Power of a Strong Password
Strong passwords are essential for both work & personal tech. To keep your data safe, this course covers why and how to create a strong one. .
The Danger of Viruses and Malware
Viruses and malware pose serious risks to a company. This course covers the dangers and how to prevent rogue agents from hijacking your data..
Social Engineering
Discover how social engineering works in information security, and how you can protect yourself from attacks by cybercriminals..
Security and Compliance Audits
Discover how regular and thorough security and compliance audits can help preserve and secure both personal and company data..
Secure Remote Working
Train your teams on the benefits of secure remote working and show them best practices on remote-working security with this course..
Responding to a Ransomware Attack
Train your teams on the types of ransomware attacks and teach them how to defend themselves and the business against these attacks..
Phishing and Anti-Spam Software
Learn about the dangers that phishing scammers pose to individuals and organizations, as well as how to spot and avoid them..
Penetration Testing
Train your IT, operations, and security managers on penetration testing, its importance, and the types of penetration testing..
PCI DSS - Payment Card Compliance
Learn what PCI DSS is, and how becoming PCI compliant will help make credit cards and other online payments more secure for you and your customers..
Keeping your Mobile Safe
When phones get into the wrong hands, sensitive info is at risk. This course shows why keeping phones safe is vital and how to do it..
Keeping your Data Safe
Ensuring data is secure should be a top priority. This course will show you why, and how you can take steps to make sure your data is safe..
IT Disaster Recovery and Fallback
Train your managers on IT disaster recovery and fallback, and teach them how to identify the right disaster recovery plan with this course..
Internet of Things Attacks
While “smart” devices may make our lives more convenient, they’re also vulnerable to cyberattacks. Learn how to protect your devices..
Information Security Governance
Train your operations, security, and IT managers on information security governance and the policies they need to include in ISG planning..
Information Security
Information is the most valuable commodity in the world, so you need to know how to keep it secure. Learn how with this infosec course..
Incident Management and Response
Train your IT teams on identifying potential risks and show them how to create plans to prepare for and manage incidents with this course..
Identity Theft
Identity theft is an incredibly common crime, but it’s also very preventable. Learn how to protect yourself with this course..
The GDPR protects personal data in the EU, but also data that leaves the EU. If you do business with the EU this course is for you..
Data Protection
Nowadays, all companies handle data. Learn how to protect the data your business stores or processes to keep it safe..
Data Breaches
Understand the importance of preventing data breaches, and discover how to protect your company from them with this course..
Coding and Cybersecurity
Train your teams on code-based security threats and show them how to adopt safer ways of working with technology with this course..