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Setting your Career Goals

eLearning / Online Course

10 Min
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If your employees want to have a successful and rewarding career, they need to think about where they want to be and work out how they’re going to get there. In other words, they need to set goals. These might involve increasing their knowledge, going on more training courses, earning more money, or even having new experiences.

Setting career goals will give them short-term motivation and long-term focus. And it’s crucial that their smaller goals support their bigger aims and vision. This course will help them understand the process of setting career goals, because in order to succeed in their career, they need to be focused and organized.

About this course

Setting your Career Goals

This course is for anyone who wants to know more about how to set effective career goals and understand the methods behind goal setting. It’s for everyone who wants advice on how to create strong career goals, how to prioritize the more important ones, and how to turn setbacks into advantages.

  • Setting your Career Goals

You'll learn

  • How to create short-term goals that align to your long-term objectives
    1 out of 4 key points
  • How to use goal-setting activities to help you create SMART goals
    2 out of 4 key points
  • How to prioritize goals by level of importance
    3 out of 4 key points
  • How to turn goal setbacks into advantages
    4 out of 4 key points

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