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What is coding

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5 Min
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In the modern world, we rely on more tech than we probably realize. Sending emails, video calling friends, playing online games, even setting bus schedules. But how do all these things work? Magic? Nope. Code. And computer programming, or coding, uses those rows of ones and zeros to play an important part in our lives.

Code, basically, is the language that tells the program what to do. There are many different types of coding, and they all do different things. It may look like a load of random letters and numbers to you, but to a computer, it’s their native language. This course will let you know what coding is and how it’s used.

About this course

What is coding

This course is for anyone who wants a basic understanding of what coding is. Maybe you’re struggling to understand the types of coding or perhaps you’re just incredibly curious about how the digital world works. Either way, this course will help shed some light on that mysterious matter.

  • What is coding

You'll learn

  • The different types of code
    1 out of 2 key points
  • How those different types of code are used
    2 out of 2 key points
  • 3 out of 2 key points

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