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PHP for Everyone

eLearning / Online Course

5 Min
Listen, Read, Watch
100% English

When you go to the library, certain things may involve some level of interaction with a librarian. You’d show them your library card to confirm who you are. You may ask them for information or if a certain book is available. The librarian would check this information in the vast library and then give that information back to you. In essence, that’s what PHP does for a web browser.

PHP is a preprocessor language on a server that’s designed to allow a computer access to web pages through a browser. It can be used to check information in a server’s database that’s requested by the browser, for example; someone’s login details for a website or just an exciting article about baseball. It’s essentially a retriever of facts that is stored in the server’s memory.

About this course

PHP for Everyone

This course is for anyone who wants to know what PHP is and how it works. Perhaps you’re a complete beginner to coding, or someone who’s interested in learning more about how computers and databases function together. This course turns a potentially complex idea into a simple one that anyone can get their head around.

  • PHP for Everyone

You'll learn

  • What PHP is and what it does
    1 out of 2 key points
  • The advantages of PHP
    2 out of 2 key points
  • 3 out of 2 key points

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