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Understanding Customer Types - Personas Online Course

Anyone working in an organization that serves customers will benefit from understanding what customer personas are. Knowing who the customers are, and what they want, will help your teams to meet their needs. This leads to a more satisfying experience for customers. It empowers customer-service representatives to shape their interactions in a positive way.

Social media is a fantastic tool. It’s given us the ability to connect with people around the world and share our lives in a creative and fun way. Unfortunately, it’s also become a place where an ill-judged post could come back to haunt us later. Social media is a snapshot of how people appear, so everyone must consider how each post could sound out of context.

Customer personas are created by brands to represent their current and target audiences. In-depth research into the behavior and choices of real people is used to create semi-fictional characters. Details like the character’s aspirations and priorities are included. These examples of the motivations and desires of different types of customers help brands to understand what customers want and why.

Knowing the customers that a brand wants to reach and retain is crucial to providing excellent customer service. After all, customers are people. And people all have their individual needs, wants, and preferences. This course will help your teams understand how customer personas can help with this.

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Lessons on this course

  • How customer personas are used to improve the customer experience;

  • The difference between segmentation and customer personas;

  • How customer personas are created.