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Secure Remote Working

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In the past, you’d probably have classed remote workers as people working on their own in a faraway land. Like a great explorer trekking to the poles, or a solitary spy on a top-secret mission. Fast forward to today, and remote working is something that pretty much everyone can, and has to, do.

Remote working is a great thing. It can expand possibilities for businesses and workers alike. But it does bring a new set of problems: making sure that IT systems and data stay protected. To combat potential risks, businesses and employees need to kick their security controls up a notch to enable safe and secure remote working for everyone.

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If you work remotely or manage employees that do, this course will explain the risks that remote working presents and best practices to help stop the risk from becoming reality. And, by using the advice in this course, everyone will be able to develop secure remote-working methods that’ll help keep data protected.

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You'll learn

  • The security risks of remote working
    1 out of 3 key points
  • The benefits of secure remote working
    2 out of 3 key points
  • Best practices for remote-working security
    3 out of 3 key points