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Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and understand our own emotions, and the effect of our actions on other people. For your teams, improving their self-awareness means they’ll be able to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. They will see things from other people’s perspectives, make better decisions, and increase their self-confidence.

Luckily, self-awareness can be enhanced. There are many techniques to improve self-awareness, and this course will show your teams how these techniques can benefit them.

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Anyone who wants to improve their self-awareness will benefit from taking this course. They’ll learn what self-awareness is and the advantages of becoming more self-aware. They’ll also learn to identify and understand their emotions, gain insight into how their actions affect others, work out their strengths and weaknesses, and show they can make self-aware decisions.

  • Listen to the intro to the Self-Awareness online course

You'll learn

  • What being self-aware is and what its benefits are and how to recognize and understand your own emotions
    1 out of 3 key points
  • The effect of your actions on other people and how to identify your strengths and weaknesses
    2 out of 3 key points
  • Good decision-making is based on being self-aware
    3 out of 3 key points

Emotional Intelligence

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