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Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

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In marketing, the ultimate goal is to influence consumers. Whether it’s building brand identity, selling products or services, or introducing new concepts or trends, marketing is all about influencing your target audience. Successful marketing connects consumers with brands by presenting something that’s attractive to them. One of the most effective ways to do that is through influencer and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing gives a brand a personality, and, importantly, a face. Using influencers can take that to the next level because it gives the brand a recognizable face. While using global celebrities to market brands isn’t a new idea, the social media boom has created a new type of celebrity with huge followings and the power to influence consumers.

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This course is ideal for senior leaders, marketing executives, or marketing managers. This course will explore the business benefits of using influencer/affiliate marketing, as well as explain how your marketing teams can use affiliate marketing to help your brand speak to the company’s customers. And by following the advice in this course, your teams will be able to create an effective influencer/affiliate plan as part of the overall marketing strategy.

  • Listen to the intro to the Influencer and Affiliate Marketing online course

You'll learn

  • The benefits of influencer and affiliate marketing
    1 out of 3 key points
  • How to identify influencers or affiliates that match your brand
    2 out of 3 key points
  • How to create an effective influencer/affiliate marketing plan
    3 out of 3 key points

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