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Dealing with Nerves Online Course

Nerves can affect any of us, at any time. If you’ve put lots of work into building a great presentation, you don’t want to let nerves stop you from delivering it well. And these techniques aren’t just helpful for presentations – they are useful for other stressful situations, too. This course will show everyone how to take control and stop nerves from getting the better of them.

Giving a presentation doesn’t look like a big deal – it’s just standing in front of people and talking. How difficult can that be? But when the moment comes, and all those people are looking at you, your palms sweat, your heart thumps, and your mind goes blank. That’s presentation nerves. All you want to do is dig a hole and disappear.

Ok, so here’s the good news. There are tried-and-tested methods available to help with that. These easy techniques help to stop stress from becoming overwhelming. If your teams learn how to use them well, these techniques can even turn that nervous energy to their advantage. And that’s what this course explores.

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Lessons on this course

  • Effective preparation techniques to manage stress

  • How performance anxiety affects you

  • How to implement a plan to successfully deliver a presentation