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Power Posing Online Course

Body language is a huge part of public speaking. This course is for everyone who wants to be sure their body language is giving a positive and confident message to their audience. It’s a learnable skill that anyone can use. Body language skills are transferable to other parts of life and help people stand out any time they want to be heard.

Your body is arguably your most powerful communication tool, so knowing how to use it to get your message across is paramount. Think about someone who is angry or scared – you can tell from afar how they’re feeling as it’s “written all over them.”

The truth is, people will form an opinion about others in the first few minutes of a presentation, and body language will play a huge part in that. If you know how to stand properly, you can convey power, confidence, and trust. This course will teach everyone how to do that, leaving the presenter in control and more assertive.

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Lessons on this course

  • How to have a confident and natural power pose

  • How to recognize when this technique is appropriate

  • How good posture makes a good impression