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Dealing with Stress

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10 Min
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You know that feeling: you’ve burnt your breakfast, the freeway is a nightmare, and your to-do list is huge. Meanwhile, your 10:30 meeting has been pushed forward and the phone’s ringing off the hook. No wonder your hair is turning grey. Stresses like these can be difficult to deal with.

If you don’t recognize the signs and symptoms quickly, stress can be seriously damaging to your mental and physical health, impacting every part of your life, including your work. This course is designed to help you cope with those stresses so you can stay healthy and productive.

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Feeling “stressed out” occasionally is normal, but you’ll need to take action before it starts affecting your life. This course will teach you how to recognize if you’re suffering from stress, and what to do about it. It will be beneficial to all workers, but managers or persons of responsibility pay close attention, as having a team member who’s suffering from stress will have a negative impact on the productivity of your company, making early intervention key.

  • Listen to the intro to the Dealing with Stress online course

You'll learn

  • What are the main causes of stress
    1 out of 3 key points
  • How to spot if you, or someone else, is showing signs of stress
    2 out of 3 key points
  • What are some simple strategies you can use to manage stress
    3 out of 3 key points