Strategic Training Design

We create engaging online training solutions using the latest technology to empower people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Compelling eLearning


Using the ADDIE model as a guide, we set performance goals that can be measured and decide what actions or behaviors the learner will be expected to perform.


We make a storyboard that will serve as a plan for the training experience. Our approach is based on scenarios that target specific groups in specific situations.


Visual mockups add verbal, visual, and audible information to our story, making it more interesting and centered on the learner.


Production based on the prototypes; this includes interactive scenarios, animations, narration, sound effects, downloadable resources, and action triggers.

Fully Interactive
Training Experiences 🙂

Our training experiences are designed to be practical, enjoyable, and engaging. We identify the problem, a measurable objective, and, using low-risk scenarios and interactive elements, we immerse the learner in case studies, simulations, games, challenges, and exercises to help them use their knowledge and solve problems they are likely to face in the real world.

We focus our expertise on making learning less tedious and more enjoyable, helping companies improve the performance of their people by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to perform their jobs successfully.

We research the problem the training is intended to solve, identify a measurable objective, create scripts, prototypes, and activities to capture the learner's attention, and then launch into the entire production and development of the learning experience using an effective combination of methods, theories, and instructional design principles.

Work Samples

Sales Strategy
Interactive training on the basics of the marketing funnel, including explanatory videos.
The Marketing Funnel
Interactive training on the basics of the marketing funnel, including explanatory videos.
Qualifying Questions & Negative Selling
This project is a sales training on qualifying conversations, harmful selling methods.
The Sales Flow Wheel
This work sample is part of an extensive interactive sales training for representatives.
Customer Service Fundamentals
This course will zero in on the fundamentals of customer service.
Online Security Fundamentals
In this short course, you’ll learn strategies to protect yourself online and get tips to block incoming threats.
Handling Difficult Scenarios
In this course, we’ll answer that question by diving into four complex customer service scenarios.
How to protect your data
In this course, learn what constitutes confidential data, why it’s important to keep it safe.