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eLearning course

Professional development and unbranded distribution of your online course through Yarket's LMS.

eLearning course

Professional development and source files to distribute your course on multiple platforms.

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More than 3k companies of all sizes, from freelancers to Fortune 100 companies, have trusted us for their online courses and e-Learning strategies.

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The impact of eLearning on your business.

Will your course lead to increased sales, fewer errors on the production line, increased customer satisfaction? eLearning is the best channel to reach a wider audience, reduce costs and even monetize the business idea.

Online training is considerably less expensive than traditional classroom training, particularly when you're running it more than once. Recurring eLearning sessions don't incur any costs, regardless of the number of learners, while in-class training is almost as expensive as the initial session.

Therefore, although the creation of your initial e-learning course requires an investment, it has the potential to be used over several sessions with multiple users, allowing you to save a substantial amount over time.

Traditional Classroom Training Example: 40 Attendees

The table below share a few standard costs you might run into for delivering one in-person session at a central location instead of having an e-learning course.

Category Cost of Initial Session Cost of Repeat Sessions
Room rental (if your facility can’t handle the entire team) $600 $600
Technology rental (if rental facility requires you to use their projector equipment) $150 $150
Refreshments $300 $300
Food (lunch or dinner) $2,000 $2,000
Printed materials $400 $400
New course prep time for trainer $1,500 $0
Trainer's time $500 $500
TOTAL $11,450 $9,950

Opportunity cost is another factor to consider in an online course. With an e-learning course, your audience can take the training at any time (24/7 from any device), eliminating the cost of flying or driving to your face-to-face training, reducing your productivity, and losing valuable time to continue with their daily activities.

For example, your sales rep team averages $1,000 in sales per day. With an e-learning course, your agents won't be out of service or just for a few hours daily until the course is completed, as they can take the training at any time.

But if they have to fly or drive a long distance to attend face-to-face training, not only will you have to pay the cost of the session, but you will also stop them from earning sales for two extra days while they travel back and forth.

The Benefits

The benefits of training can be tricky to identify and narrow down, but it is possible and essential. To calculate the dollar value of the benefits, you need to identify 1) the specific task taught in the training or e-learning and 2) the average benefit, in dollars, of improving performance surrounding this task.

Once you've done this, multiply the dollar value of the benefit by the number of employees, and multiply that by a time period. Then, when you have both your total costs and your total benefits, you can calculate your Return on Investment (ROI) using this formula:

eLearning benefits formula
Case Study: XYZ Delivery
In recent months, an increase in shipping label errors has led to more packages being returned undelivered. To reduce the number of errors, we analyzed the impact of creating a one-hour e-learning course for 50 employees on the correct way to complete shipping labels:

To obtain an accurate estimate, the following factors must be taken into account:

Course development, Yarket Fees - $1,900

Investment in the professional development of the course by the Yarket team, including information gathering, meetings with your dedicated project manager, reviews, etc.

Subect matter expert time - $400

You estimate the hourly rate of the subject matter expert (i.e., yourself or a consultant) at $40/hour, and estimate up to 10 hours of consulting.

Lost production time - $1,250

You identify that the average hourly rate for the 50 employees is $25/hour. Your calculation of lost production time is as follows 50 (employees) x $25 (hourly rate) x 1 hour (duration of training) = $1,250.

So our online course cost us a total of $4,000 taking into account development costs, fees for other potential subject matter consultants (optional) and lost production time (estimated).

Now that you have analyzed the total costs, we need to identify the benefits of training employees to fill out shipping labels properly.

Cost of shipping label errors - $750

We identified that the 50 employees make an average of one error each per week on shipping labels, at a cost of $15 per returned package. Teaching employees to correctly fill out the shipping label could save $750 per week (50 errors per week x $15 per error = $750).

We multiply this figure by four weeks in a month and by 12 months in a year to find that we can potentially save $36,000 per year if we can reduce the rate of returned packages due to shipping label errors to zero.

To calculate the net profit, we would subtract the cost of training from the profit;
$36,000 - $4,000 = $32,000 is the total net profit.

ROI calculation

We can potentially get an 800% return on their money in a year, investing in this one-hour e-learning course designed to reduce the error rate for shipping labels to zero.

How It Works

Put your training in safe hands: Our team of instructional designers, eLearning developers, training specialists and multimedia experts join you to create beautiful eLearning courses. Your ready-to-run course is a complete learning experience, with its own Learning Management System (LMS) ready to be delivered to learners.

Your course will look great on any device. Give learners room to explore every detail on their desktops. Your course looks beautiful on the big screen, as it adapts effortlessly to every tablet, in every orientation, and hides menus, scales media, and resets content on any phone.

Course Creation

Tell us about your project by answering simple questions in our interactive video so that we can better understand your course. An eLearning expert will meet with you to explain the course strategy and answer all your questions.

Course Review

Your course includes a customized eLearning strategy, curriculum design, interactive animations, AI videos, immersive voiceovers in any language, quizzes, images and multimedia resources from our library of over 8 million royalty-free assets, and all the other eLearning tools needed to make your course a success.

It is also worth mentioning that unlimited revisions, course introduction and final summary are included by default at no additional charge in all courses.

You will have access to a private link to review and comment on each stage of the project development cycle as shown below:

Course Distribution

If you sell your courses exclusively through the Yarket LMS, you will get better development rates with up to 50% discount, as we charge an additional fee per subscriber. Alternatively, if you are planning to sell your course elsewhere, distribute it internally in your organization or give it away, we will give you the source files of your course, including its web, PDF and SCORM versions, ready to use in multiple channels. The choice is yours.

Once the course is ready, depending on your choice, you can start distributing it immediately through the Yarket Learning Management System (LMS) or through any other e-Learning platform.

We recommend that you choose to distribute the course through Yarket's LMS, as we will take care of everything. We will send you a short link and a QR code of your course that you can share on multiple channels (web, social media, flyers, blog, etc.). Your audience will follow that link to enroll in your course while we seamlessly transfer their earnings directly to your bank account.

Our Powerful, Yet Simple LMS

A Learning Management System is the software you use to develop, deliver and track your learners' training.

You need to add content to the LMS. You can do this by creating course material from scratch (i.e. writing your lesson content within the LMS) or by adding existing material (a Word document, videos, a PowerPoint presentation, Wikipedia articles, etc.).

The ability to manage courses and users is what puts the 'M' in LMS. These users have different names: Administrators, Instructors and Students.

One of the most important features that LMSs offer is the ability to track and monitor student progress in real time. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 students, the LMS gives you automated and quick access to course enrollment statistics, attendance records, student grades, and many other performance metrics.

Quizzes and knowledge Checks

Ensure your learners are truly understanding your material with a variety of tests with options for multiple-choice, drag-and-drop matching, ordering, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions at the end of your lessons.

High-converting checkout

To start monetizing your course, just share the course link and that's it. Selling your courses is simple and fast, get more enrollments per course by simply sharing a link or a beautiful QR code on multiple channels.

Instant payouts

Automatically accept credit card and mobile payments and get paid instantly into your bank account; there is no hold and no waiting period, so you receive your money as soon as possible.

Track learner progress

Access comprehensive reports on everything that's happening with your courses, with a report builder to get the learning data you need, when you need it.

Unlimited everything

Forget about limits and hidden fees. There are no limitations on content, learners, hosting or earnings. Sell anything you want, anywhere.

Schedule Videoconferences

Use an integrated videoconferencing tool and embed third-party platforms like Calendly, VideoAsk to add interactive video to engage with your students, and schedule live training sessions via Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings/Webinars, and GoToTraining/Webinar/Meeting into your courses.

All the tools and features to monetize your talents, educate your audience and make a profitable online business from one to thousands of learners. We have gathered some of the main features of our LMS in the following table:

Users Unlimited A user is someone who enrolls in your course.
Storage Unlimited There is no storage limitation.
Bandwidth Unlimited If your content becomes popular we have your back to grow exponentially.
Hosting Unlimited Fully hosted and maintained. There are no applications to download, no systems to patch, update or maintain, and no learning curve.
Payments Sell your content anywhere and accept international payments in 135+ currencies, including all major debit and credit cards, as well as mobile payments (Apple Pay®, Google Pay™).
Management View your user's details and performance and make administrative tasks a breeze with various mass actions available.
Communication Keep your audience on track and engaged with private messages, your own sessions and events calendar, and discussion forums.
Assessments Engine Build a variety of tests with options for multiple-choice, drag-and-drop matching, ordering, fill-in-the-blank, open-ended questions and more.
Surveys Engine Build surveys to gain insights into your audience and content. Send, collect and analyze responses in one spot.
Learning Paths Build connections between your content, allowing your audience to take them in a predefined order.
Coupon Codes Add discounts for one-time payments. Reduce the amount charged to a customer by discounting their subtotal with coupons and promotion codes (Manage coupons and discounts from your Stripe account)
Certifications Issue automatic completion certificates with or without expiration dates.
Gamification Boost engagement with badges, points, levels, rewards, and leaderboards.
Blended Organize creator-led training either offline in a physical space or online via videoconferencing.
Videoconference Offer live training video calls via Zoom, which is fully integrated for scheduling unlimited live sessions.
Reporting Access extensive reporting and infographics content, audience, and everything else happening in your account.
Integrations Connect your account to offer unlimited video conferences.
Multilingual Speak your users' language by automatically detecting over 40 languages depending on your visitor's location.
Customizable Promote your name or brand by sharing the link to your content directly on their preferred channels.
GDPR-Friendly Comply with GDPR by collecting approval, excluding users who have opted out of data collection in your reports, and allow users to self-delete.
Mobile Native app for iOS and Android connected to your account: with the same login information, your people resume the content they started on a desktop without missing a beat.
Sharing Export reports as CSV.
PDF Exports Export reports as PDFs.
Analytics See dynamically generated behavioral data as easy-to-read infographics.

Affiliate Program

Turn your fans into your best marketers.

Reward others for referring customers to your courses. Anyone with a blog, website or social media account can join your integrated Affiliate Program, promote your courses and earn commissions on new signups.

We have made managing your referrals and affiliates as easy as possible. The affiliate program is made up of non-customers who need a separate login portal to access their links, performance statistics and commissions.

An ID is assigned when your affiliate signs up through an online form (or is manually added by you). You can then customize the commission individually if you wish. Each time a customer follows one of these links, the unique URL tells you which course to display, as well as which associate the customer has sent you.

There are no integrations or complicated configurations. Everything you need to manage your own affiliate program is included in the Yarket LMS.

E-Learning Examples

Best Examples Of Online Courses

The courses below are mini case studies that show what eLearning can do. From simple quizzes to more complex interactions with our team of experts, you have everything you need to create a unique online course.

Each course has been carefully crafted to meet three critical criteria: aesthetics, function, and usability. This way, you'll know that every element works seamlessly and enhances the impact of your content. Plus, our courses come with many carefully crafted components so that every part of your training works seamlessly to achieve your business goals.


Microlearning is a way of providing short, targeted content to an audience, ideally where and when they need it.

Training Videos

Save on production costs and complexity to create quality videos in multiple languages to engage your audience with immersive voiceovers and professional presenters. We'll handle the entire process as part of your course. From script writing to the studio, cameras, lights and microphones needed.

Training videos
Training videos
Training videos
Product onboarding
Product onboarding
Training videos
Product onboarding
Product onboarding
Training videos
Training videos
Training videos
Training videos
Training videos
Training videos
Training videos
Training videos
Training videos
Training videos
Product onboarding
Product onboarding
Training videos

Immersive Voice-Overs

Engage your learners with clear voiceovers in multiple languages and accents. Our team of artists will explain your content with an immersive voiceover in a wide variety of tones to suit your course, such as friendly, informative, conversational, informal, etc., in either male or female voices.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What do Instructional Designers do?

Our team of professional instructional designers takes content and makes it easy for learners to absorb. Some of the main functions include reviewing client content and determining what should be included based on learning objectives, designing storyboards, course development including creating interactions, writing voice scripts, working with multimedia assets and much more.

Is it safe and are my data and user information secure?

Yes, it is as secure as possible. All data is transmitted over a secure, encrypted channel. The SSL certificate used by Yarket has a $50,000 warranty to further protect customer purchases. All data is stored in secure AWS data centers in the United States. Payments are processed through Stripe and an international payment processor that has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 service provider.

Is it right for me?

It's perfect if you're in education, retail, manufacturing, construction, public sector, arts, entertainment, mining, hospitality, hotels, non-profits, marketing, sales, advertising, advertising, law, finance, accounting, real estate, healthcare, fitness, coaching, customer service, self-employment and other related industries.

What's included with development fee?

Everything about your course. There are no length limitations (chapters, sections or words). Your course can be as long or short as you need it to be. The price includes our professional fees, custom videos, voiceover, interactions, curriculum design, assets and other graphic resources needed for your project. We guarantee that there will be no additional costs or hidden fees. A dedicated project manager will meet with you via scheduled video calls to gather information about the course and update you on progress. You will be kept informed of every step, including a real-time online tool to review changes and suggest modifications during its lifecycle.

What is the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive?

Exclusive means you sell your course through Yarket's LMS, so you get discounted development fees because we take care of everything. Basically, you set and forget about your course, our team takes care of the development and distribution, while you get paid instantly into your bank account with every new student. Alternatively, non-exclusive means that we give you the source files (SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, etc.) and you can set it up and distribute it yourself with any other tool (e.g. marketplace, intranet, etc.).

eLearning course

Professional development and unbranded distribution of your online course through Yarket's LMS.

eLearning course

Professional development and source files to distribute your course on multiple platforms.

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Unrestricted course length
Unlimited revisions & updates
AI videos and voiceovers
50+ Languages & 40+ Presenters
Dedicated Project Manager

More than 3k companies of all sizes, from freelancers to Fortune 100 companies, have trusted us for their online courses and e-Learning strategies.

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