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A fun, engaging and fully customizable web and mobile application with a growing library of 567 ready-to-use, fully animated courses in English and Spanish.

Get surprised by amazing content.

Super Fast Courses

Each course is made up of mini-lessons between 2-3 minutes each.

Touching Stories

Every course is built around a memorable story that you won't forget.

Created by Experts

Each topic is heavily researched using the most up-to-date information from subject experts.

Famous Characters

A growing cast of characters takes on a variety of lovable roles in each story.

Animated mini-courses

There are so many topics to choose from and all in an online library you can tailor to your needs. With the Yarket app, you'll get access to every course. All you do is choose the ones you need, and away you go!

Our courses are written by subject-matter experts and checked by senior instructional designers to ensure the right skills and knowledge are transferred to the learner. And the memorable characters and stories we use to deliver each topic will keep learners coming back for more.

Each course lasts no longer than 15 minutes and is made up of a series of fully animated videos that are broken up into 2-to-3 minute mini-lessons. You can take each course singly or as part of a collection on mobile devices, desktop computers, or laptops.

The courses include interactive sections and knowledge checks to help you quickly monitor progress. The courses cover a wide range of topics, and the library is still growing, as we're frequently adding new courses.


Customers in more than 50 countries are learning new skills with our learning app.

Jumpstart your growth in just few clicks.

EASY TOManage.

Easy registration to manage an unlimited number of users worldwide.


Single courses and complete collections in a wide variety of soft-skills.


Monitor student progress and access content from any device.

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567+ ready-to-use courses

Courses in English

More than 492 expertly prepared courses covering basic skills fully narrated and animated in English.

Courses in Spanish

More than 99 expertly prepared courses covering basic skills fully narrated and animated in Spanish.

Growing Library

Instant access to new courses added regularly at no additional cost. Activate and deactivate the courses you need at any time.


Use your own domain name and logo. All courses are white-labeled for a fully tailored experience for your users.

Web Delivery

Delight users with a responsive platform built according to the latest web technologies and compliant with SCORM standards.

Mobile Delivery

Branded hybrid (PWA) or native (iOS/Android) mobile app connected to the platform to resume activity without missing a beat.

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Values of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion
Unconscious Bias
Diversity and Inclusion
Recognizing Your Privilege
Diversity and Inclusion
Gender Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion
LGBTQ+ Awareness and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion
Types of Discrimination
Diversity and Inclusion
Digital Accessibility
Diversity and Inclusion
Becoming an Inclusive Leader
Diversity and Inclusion
The Value of Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion
What is Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
Why do you Need a Digital Culture
Digital Transformation
The Four Types of Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation