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We craft exceptional learning experiences that blend captivating design, comprehensive strategies, and interactive magic. But here's the kicker – we do it lightning-fast! Our goal is to surpass your expectations, leaving you absolutely mind-blown by the results.

Struggling with Your eLearning Projects?

eLearning projects can be a challenge, impacting your ability to effectively train individuals and deliver valuable content.

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Never-Ending Escalating Project Costs

“Oh, you wanted that sleek interactive widget? Cha-ching! Need a revision? More cha-ching!”

Freelancer illustration

The Mysterious Vanishing Freelancer!

The perfect freelancer until ..."Oops, did I forget to mention I'm booked for the next six months? Poof!"

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The Abyss of Agonizing Agency Fees!

“Oh, you blinked? That's an extra consulting fee! Want a font change? That's a bespoke typography fee!”

Access World-Class Training Without Breaking the Bank.

We're your strategic partner in creating cutting-edge training experiences in multiple languages. From conceptualization to execution, our expertise and passion ensure your training initiatives reach new heights.

Results You'll Love, Guaranteed!

Results that are guaranteed to win your heart!

Full Development of eLearning Projects

Development for your training projects, from start to finish.

All-Inclusive eLearning Projects

Everything you need for your project is bundled up front.


Engaging Learning

Experiences that stimulate critical thinking, encourage exploration and provide valuable educational insights

Real World Scenarios illustration

Real World Scenarios

Crisis on Wheels

In this gripping real-world scenario, we'll explore the harrowing tale of a driver faced with a life-or-death decision, where making the right choice becomes the ultimate key to survival.

Escape games illustration

Gamified E-Learning

Adventures on a Desert Island

Escape games create immersive challenges that enhance critical thinking and decision-making skills, making learning engaging and memorable.

Online books illustration

Child-Friendly E-Learning

Interactive Children's Book

The integration of interactive components elevates traditional passive learning into an immersive and engaging journey offering a quality eLearning experience.

Knowledge checks illustration

Engaging Knowledge Assessments

Interactive Knowledge Checks

Interactive knowledge checks provide real-time feedback, reinforcing learning and boosting retention by testing comprehension in a dynamic way.

Branched scenarios illustration

Branched Scenarios

Five Stars Sales Strategy

In branched scenarios, learners are presented with dynamic challenges or scenarios, prompting them to make informed decisions.

Explainer videos illustration

Explainer Videos

The Marketing Funnel

Crafting engaging and interactive eLearning experiences plays a pivotal role in simplifying complex subjects.

VILT illustration


Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Blending online learning with interaction and expert guidance from a live instructor brings an unparalleled educational experience.

Personalized Expert-Guided E-Learning

Brand Identity and Strategy

Quality eLearning experiences should seamlessly adapt to diverse platforms for maximum accessibility and impact.

Back to School

E-Learning for Kids

Back to School

Designing eLearning for kids is like crafting a vibrant playground of knowledge. It's all about colorful visuals and interactive games!


Power Up Your Training

Train all your people in essential skills with courses meticulously crafted by industry experts, ensuring their professional growth and success.

Train all your people on must-have skills!

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Boost performance by seamlessly implementing our ready-made courses into your organization's training program.

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Scope of Work

What We Do

Curriculum Design

Development of comprehensive training curricula and learning pathways tailored to your specific subjects, skills, and industry.

e-Learning Development

Creation of interactive and multimedia-rich e-learning courses for online platforms, LMS, or mobile devices.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Design of engaging and interactive in-person or virtual instructor-led training sessions and workshops.

Microlearning Modules

Design of short, bite-sized learning modules that focus on specific topics or skills to facilitate quick and effective learning.


Incorporation of game elements and mechanics into learning experiences to enhance learner engagement and motivation.

Scenario-Based Learning

Creation of realistic scenarios and simulations that allow learners to apply knowledge and skills in practical situations.

Multimedia Content Creation

Development of video-based content, animations, infographics, and interactive media to enhance the learning experience.

Assessment and Evaluation

Design of effective assessments and evaluations to measure learning progress and ensure learning objectives are met.

LMS Integration

Expert advice on the selection, customization and integration of a suitable LMS to manage and deliver your training.

Mobile Learning (mLearning)

Creation of learning content that is optimized for mobile devices, allowing learners to access training on-the-go.

Onboarding Training

Design of onboarding programs and ongoing training initiatives to help your organization improve employee performance.

Compliance Training

Development of training programs that ensure employees an team members are educated on relevant regulations, policies, and industry standards.

Training Needs Analysis

Conducting assessments to identify knowledge and skills gaps in your organization and recommending training solutions.

Multiple Languages

Development of learning content in different languages and cultural contexts to open new markets and serve a diverse global audience.

Accessibility Compliance

Ensuring that learning materials are accessible to all learners, including those with disabilities, by adhering to accessibility standards.

Multilingual Experiences

Your training materials can be fully translated and tailored to diverse cultural contexts, opening doors to new markets and eager learners worldwide.

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Global Accessibility

Reach a worldwide audience and tap into new markets by offering content in various languages, making your training materials inclusive and accessible to learners from different cultural backgrounds.

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Boost Engagement

When learners can access content in their native language, comprehension and engagement levels soar. Tailoring content to their linguistic preferences boosts their understanding and participation.

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Cultural Relevance

Adapting content to different languages also means adapting it to different cultural contexts. This personalization creates a closer and more effective learning experience for learners in different regions.

Our Process

While every project is distinct, they all traverse a unique path. Yet, there are some common steps that form the core of the project's lifecycle.

Audience & Objectives

In eLearning projects, identifying the audience and objectives is akin to charting the course on a map; it ensures that the learning experience not only hits the mark but resonates deeply with learners, leading to meaningful and effective outcomes.

Problem and Solution

Clear identification of the problem and its solution in eLearning projects is the compass that guides instructional design. It lays the foundation for designing focused, impactful content that addresses learners' needs, fostering engagement and driving successful learning outcomes.

Action Map

The action map is the key to success. It's the strategic plan that ensures learners don't just consume information but actively engage with it, leading to a higher likelihood of retention, application, and ultimately, the successful achievement of learning objectives.

Text-Based Storyboard

Text-based storyboards are the backbone of eLearning design, providing a detailed blueprint for every stage of development. They are akin to the architect's plans for a building, ensuring that content flows logically, interactions engage effectively, and learning objectives are met.

Visual Mockups

Visual mockups are like the artist's sketch before the masterpiece. They breathe life into the text-based storyboard, offering a tangible preview of the final product. These visual representations not only enhance engagement but also allow for critical feedback and refinement.

Interactive Prototype

Interactive prototypes are the dynamic, hands-on testing grounds where ideas transform into real learning experiences. Like a sneak peek before a movie premiere, they ensure that the final eLearning product is not only effective but also a source of and motivation for learners.

Full Development

Full development is the culmination of meticulous planning, design, and prototyping. It's the stage where all elements come together to create a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. In essence, this is where the vision of a successful eLearning project becomes a reality.

LMS Optimization

A good Learning Management System (LMS) provides a user-friendly interface, robust tracking and reporting capabilities, and scalability to meet the evolving needs of learners and organizations. It acts as a facilitator, ensuring that eLearning content reaches the right audience.

Continuous Enhancement

By regularly updating and adapting content, incorporating learner feedback, and staying abreast of industry advancements, eLearning experiences evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of learners and organizations. It is the compass that keeps eLearning on the path of excellence.

Happy Customers. Across the Globe.

Empowering training. One business at a time.

Sarah Johnson, New Zealand

Training Manager

"Your instructional design transformed our content into an engaging learning experience. Your attention to detail and interactive approach captured our audience's attention like never before."

Alex Ramirez, Argentina

Training Coordinator

"The eLearning development was a game-changer for us. Your expertise seamlessly blended technology and learning to create courses that were both informative and enjoyable."

Emily Carter, Ireland

Learning Specialist

"Your services exceeded our expectations. The courses they developed were not only visually appealing but also delivered complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner."

Mark Thompson, USA

Operations Director

"Working with you on instructional design elevated the impact of our training programs. Your innovative solutions translated into practical skills that our employees could apply immediately."

Lisa Roberts, Italy

Learning and Development Lead

"The eLearning development done for us brought our training vision to life. Your ability to simplify intricate subjects while maintaining depth impressed both our team and learners."

James Miller, Switzerland

Training Manager

"Your online training creation services streamlined our learning initiatives. Your commitment to excellence is evident in the user-friendly courses that resonate well with our diverse audience."

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What's wrong with most LMS platforms out there?

LMS platforms can be a maze of confusion, leaving users frustrated with complex navigation and tech glitches.

Confusing navigation illustration

Confusing Navigation Chaos

Lost in a maze of menus and buttons, students and admins struggle to find the right way through the maze of the platform.

Tech glitches illustration

Tech Glitches Galore

Clicking buttons, met with error messages—LMS platforms can feel like whack-a-mole with tech bugs.

Rising costs illustration

Rising Costs Per Student

The toll booth on the highway of knowledge, paying per student can drain both enthusiasm and budget.

It's time to revolutionize the LMS experience.

Say goodbye to labyrinthine navigation and tech glitches. Enjoy seamless learning experiences without the burden of rising costs.

Intuitive Navigation

Discover simplicity in every click with our intuitive LMS interface.

Seamless Experiences

Say goodbye to glitches and hello to seamless experiences.

Boundless Learning

Unlock limitless learning without the cost constraints.

The Key to Online Success Lies in a Reliable LMS

A robust LMS forms the bedrock of your courses, ensuring seamless content delivery, interactive engagement, and a hassle-free learning experience.

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Mobile platform illustration

Seamless Learning, Anywhere, Everywhere.

Break down barriers and empower learning anytime, anywhere, with an LMS designed for the modern, interconnected world.

Unleash the Power of Our LMS Features

Powerful Infrastructure

Secure hosting in our fast servers combined with Amazon’s CDN for file delivery.

Powerful Permissions

Management of user accounts, roles, and permissions to control access to your LMS.

Instructor-Led Training

Schedule zoom calls, group meetings and individual sessions with students.

Flawless Course Admin

Easy organization and management of your courses and enrollments.


Prevent your PDFs from being downloaded from the LMS.

Learner Progress

Easy access to training records, completions & learner insights.

Mobile Learning

Responsive design that allows learners to access content on various devices.

Powerful Assessments

Engaging and interactive quizzes, tests and assessments to evaluate students' knowledge and skills.

Auto Enrollment

Self-serve payment and enrollment links for learners to get access to the courses they need fast.

Trackable URL's

Experience the potency of our links, fortified with built-in tracking capabilities.

White Label

Infuse your brand essence by adding your branding, customizing themes, and more.

Payments Processing

Sell your courses through secure payment gateways such as Stripe and Stripe connect.

Implementation training

Fast-track your start. We help you get familiar with the system, set goals and bring your vision to life.

Data Backup and Security

Robust data backup and strong security measures to protect sensitive learner information.

Live Chat Support

Get answers from real people by chatting in real time with our team located in the United States.

Happy Learners. Across the Globe.

Empowering learning. One student at a time.

Sophia Mitchell, Australia.

HR Manager

"Our team's learning experience has transformed with this LMS. The intuitive navigation has minimized confusion, and the seamless performance has made training sessions a breeze."

John Anderson, USA.

Learning & Development Specialist

"The Yarket's LMS is a game-changer! Glitches are a thing of the past, and the unlimited access model has expanded our learning horizons without a dent in the budget."

Emma Williams, UK.


"As an educator, I'm thrilled with the simplicity that Yarket's LMS brings to my team. I can focus on teaching, knowing my students won't be bogged down by tech issues."

Robert Lee, Singapore.

Operations Director

"The cost-efficient brilliance of your LMS is impressive. Our entire organization benefits from a treasure trove of knowledge without worrying about rising expenses".

Olivia García, Spain.


"This LMS has greatly enhanced my learning. Navigation is a breeze and I have never encountered a single glitch. Learning is now really enjoyable knowing that I have 24/7 live chat support."

David Thompson, Canada.

Learning & Development Lead

"From a professional standpoint, Yarket's LMS is a dream. Intuitive design, flawless performance, and budget-friendliness make it a powerful tool for our training initiatives."